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Islamic Economic Advocacy and Communication Forum (ForKAES) Established

perbankan-syariah-_120507142300-183No. 14/ 44 /PSHM/Humas

The Islamic Economic Advocacy and Communication Forum (ForKAES) was formed as mandated by the PKES National Members Convention (KNA) on 13th July 2012 to optimize the achievement of Islamic financial/economic communication and socialization targets. ForKAES is a communication forum for associations formed by professionals and practitioners linked to the Islamic economy and observers of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. ForKAES aims to coordinate and synchronize socialisation programs and activities, publications and communication conducted by related associations like the Islamic Economic Community (IEC), the Islamic Banking Association of Indonesia (ASBISINDO), the Indonesian Association of Islamic Economics (IAEI), the Indonesian BMT Association (ABSINDO), the Islamic Insurance Association of Indonesia (AASI) and the Islamic Economic Communication Centre (PKES).

As a preliminary measure, ForKAES’ six member institutions/associations are represented ex-officio by the chairman and secretary general of each respective body. The six institutions/associations will compile a joint program, in particular relating to communication, publication and Islamic financial programs, which will form the national agenda to promote Islamic financial/economic development in Indonesia. Program implementation will be conducted jointly in conjunction with PKES.

In this context, to restore awareness and a spirit of unity as well as to unite the vision and ensure more cohesive measures in the implementation of socialization, communication and Islamic economic advocacy programs, ForKAES will officially be launched on 19th December 2012 at Bank Indonesia in Jakarta. The event will coincide with the IDB Regional Lecture Series: General Lecture on Global Islamic Finance Development as a form of cooperation between Bank Indonesia and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). PKEs, responsible for establishing ForKAES, will also be re-launched at the event in Jakarta.

As a pre-event, a number of activities relating to Islamic Finance and Economics Month will be organized during November and December 2012. The activities will involve seminars, research fora, a Studium Generale, training and training of trainers (TOT), expos and other socialization activities in a number of cities across the archipelago including Pekanbaru, Denpasar, Padang, Jambi, Bandar Lampung, Bandung, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Tasikmalaya and Jakarta.

Activities will kick off with Islamic Finance and Economics Week in Pekanbaru on 19-23 November 2012. Activities in Pekanbaru will include hosting large-scale events like the Islamic Financial and Economic Research Forum (FREKS) at the Sultan Syarif Kasim State Islamic University (UIN SUSKA) on 21-22 November 2012. The Islamic Finance and Economics Month is expected to promote national Islamic economic development, in particular the Islamic banking industry.

Jakarta, 10th December 2012
Public Relations Group

Difi A. Johansyah

Source : Bank Indonesia


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